Rainbow Eucalyptus (Seedlings)
Rainbow Eucalyptus seedling

Seedlings of Mindanao Gum

The young plant you see at right is about 8 months old from seed. This one is certainly ready to step up to a gallon or 3 gallon pot. Notice the reddish color of the newly emerging leaves; this is characteristic of the mature trees as well. The exfoliating colored bark will not be evident until the tree has grown quite a bit more.

Note that this cell has at least 6 plants in it, and each one of these can grow to a height of up to 220 feet tall with the right conditions!

Mindanao Gum seeds are very small and, when first germinated, produce plantlets that are only a few millimeters in height.

Seedlings of Mindanao Gum are illustrated here for educational purposes only. We do not offer them for sale.