Rainbow Eucalyptus -
How We Pack Your Tree

Securely packaging your Rainbow

Over the years, we've had a number of compliments on our packaging of the Rainbows we send to customers, so we have decided to show you here exactly how we do it. Just in case you were unsure about how we secure your Rainbow for transport, these pictures should dispel all doubts.

Rainbow before packing Bagged and netted

The first picture above shows our shipping sized Rainbow just arrived from the nursery to the packing area. These trees are 3 to 4 feet tall, not including the root ball. The second picture above shows the Rainbow after removal of the air-pot, bagging the root ball, and netting the tree.

Tubed and wrapped Boxed and ready

The left picture above shows the Rainbow after being tubed in a triangular FedEx tube, and wrapped to secure the tube to the root ball area. Note the Care Sheet envelope secured to the side of the tube. Finally, the secured tree is boxed, labeled, and ready for shipment to you.

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